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New NGOs

Center Inclusive for Career Development


Association of National Consent (ANC)

In 1989-1992 the Association of National Consent (ANC) together with a wide network of organizations, has made significant and extraordinary contributions to the prevention of new conflicts and mass bloodshed, as well as to the improvement of the conditions for persons who became victims of war and violence.

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Georgian Committee (hCa GC)

hCa GC is a national committee, part of the pan-European peace movement, supporting the process of European integration at the level of civil society.


hCa GC is an NGO and understands itself as a peace movement too.

Caucasus Institute for Regional Security (CIRS)

CIRS promotes establishment of peace and security in Georgia, South Caucasus and geopolitical neighborhood, putting special attention to investigation of the reasons of emerging and resolution methodology of conflicts all over the world, by means of formation of the new political management based on fundamental humanitarian values.

Caucasus Laboratory of Geopolitical Modelling 

Caucasus Laboratory of Geopolitical Modelling of Caucasus International University is a research unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Caucasus Institute of Regional Security.

Crisis in the provision of peace processes in Georgia with qualified specialists
(Defects in Teaching Political Science)

One of the reasons for the unresolved political crises (including Abkhazia) is the insufficient use of political science. We either do not have specialists in the required areas, or trained specialists are not involved in the process.

Tskhum-Abkhazian Academy of Sciences

Proceedings XIX-XX, 2020, pages 185-193.

The Abkhaz Conflict in the context of Abkhaz Studies (Abkhazian studies)

The article for the first time discusses the Abkhazian conflict as the subject of Abkhazian Studies. The paper first time distinguishes between three hierarchical levels of research on Abkhazia:

1. Abkhazian Studies;

2. Abkhaz Studies;

3. Apsua Studies.

Tskhum-Abkhazian Academy of Sciences


Proceedings XVII-XVIII, 2019, pages 170-191.

The concept of Poly-Diplomacy and Innovative Educational Basis for Georgia’s International Policy

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5 Signs Your Organization Must Change Its Workplace Culture

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