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Interdisciplinary comparative analysis of the complex system of Abkhazian conflict via innovative 4D-RAV-17  method

The project is financed by the Support Program for Doctoral Studies of Shota Rustaveli Georgian National Science Foundation.

Grant number – PHDF‐18‐1147.

Scientific Diagnosis of the Complex System of the Tskhinvali Conflict and Innovative Holistic Model of the Peace Process

The research project proposes an alternative way – setting a holistic diagnosis and formation of a model of alternative peace process in accordance with the set diagnosis.

International Scientific Conference-School - Scientific Innovations in Peace-building: Abkhazian Conflict

Main goal of the Conference-School is to integrate the interdisciplinary potential of science in peace process and promote positive transformation of the Abkhazian conflict. Develop effective cooperation between generations of researchers.

Concept of the common security system for conflict-divided Abkhazian community

The research group of the project proposes the development of the concept of the “security community” by Karl Deutsch, namely the theoretical substantiation and development of the “Matrix of Threats” - as a basic component of the alternative approach “the Concept of Awareness of the System of Common Threats”

Digital solutions for building trust and confidence-building in Georgia

Project goal: to develop trust between societies divided as a result of the Abkhazian and Tskhinvali conflicts in Georgia applying the resources of digital education and commerce

Strengthening the participation of students and professors of the university community of Georgia in decision-making via involvement them into formation the social spaces of Architecture for Peace and non-violence.

The project is dealing with psychological trauma of cased by loses during wars and conflicts. 

A wide range of professionals, as well as victims of conflicts will take an active part in formation of policies on Memorial architecture of a peacebuilding nature.

Third sector of divided Societies of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region

The concept of acknowledgment of common threats was presented by the authors of the project with the objective of finding the possibility of a worthy and mutually beneficial way out from the crisis for all participants of the process.

Non-Violent Protest – the way toward Civil Society

The project aims at deradicalization and integration of representatives of protest group into civil society of Georgia.

Political Studies of the Caucasus - Opportunities for Regional Cooperation in conditions of Unresolved Conflicts

The main objective of the project is the scientific analysis of the possibilities for the development of regional cooperation in the conditions of a complex system of unresolved multilateral conflicts (Caucasian Crisis).

Field navigator of political sciences

The concept of a “field navigator of political sciences” refers to a virtual form of collaboration that facilitates the cooperation of respective specialists, encompassing individuals with varying levels of expertise, academic achievements, and ideological perspectives. The portal serves as a novel electronic platform for facilitating scientific communication. 

“Metacognitive Theory of Political Crisis Management and Lasswell – Flavell, Metacognitive Scientific Monitoring System of Political Behaviors”

 The primary purpose of the project is to improve the quality of political process management in order to reduce casualties and promote positive crisis transformation.


The project “Dimitrianni” is a scientific support for the development and popularization of the Georgian School of Psychology.  The primary objective of this initiative is to foster the development of professional identity, enhance corporate culture, improve the quality of service, and promote the well-being of all individuals involved within the system.

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