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Public Documents

“Metacognitive Management Theory - Opportunities of Georgian Nuclear Diplomacy” 
Speech in Andronikashvili Institute of Physics

Possibilities of metacognitive management of conflicts in the agricultural system. 

Letter to the Minister of Education and Science Mr. Mikheil Chkhenkeli

The Struggle for Abkhazia and the Arsenal of Meta-Politology for Peace 

hCa Committee of Georgia and New Concept of Conflict Resolution: Democratization of Negotiations Processes

hCa Committee of Georgia
Appeal to Georgian civil society, state and international organizations 

Higher Education Sector Benchmarks in Conflictology

II Cycle of Higher Education

Levels VII of the National Qualifications Framework

New approaches to the settlement of the Abkhazian conflict
The concept of the settlement of the Abkhazian conflict
(SCIRS/HCA Project)

Fourth edition
April 24, 2004

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